T  H  E     F  I  S  H  I  N  G     C  A  T     P  R  E  S  S

Because of A Seagull
A Collection of Haiku by Gilles Fabre

Author Biography

Gilles Fabre was born in France but resides now in Ireland where he currently works in sports administration following previous works as a teacher and free-lance translator. He has a Masters of Translation (Philip Larkin Poems) from La Sorbonne University (Paris).

Gilles Fabre started writing haiku in the mid 1990’s when he took a sabbatical break for a year to travel around the world and published his first haiku in Australia during this trip and has been following the Haiku Way since then.

He sees haiku as a way of life as each haiku unveils something most of us had not noticed or felt, points at a moment we failed or did not bother to experience or simply reveals, under a different angle or a new perspective, a truth we’ve known from the start and proves every moment and experience we go through in our life is meaningful. and it is also a delicate shortcut to the heart of Nature and our everyday life, a personal search and sometimes a spiritual quest to live a fuller life in our fragile and transient world.

He is the editor of the international bilingual haiku sipirit site (English and French).

His haiku have been published in English, French and Japanese in various journals, including:

Haiku Spirit (Ireland);

Presence (UK);
Blithe Spirit (UK);
Mushimegane (Japan);

and the following international anthologies:

HAIKU Sans Frontières (Editions David, 1998. Canada);

The New Haiku (Snapshot Press, 2002. UK);
Chevaucher la Lune (Editions David, 2002. Canada);
Anthologie du Haïku en France (Aléas Editeur, 2003. France);
World Haiku 2005 No. 1 (Edited by World Haiku Association, Nishida-shoten inc. Publisher, 2004. Japan).

Because of A Seagull, is his first haiku collection and focuses mainly on Dublin and Ireland.

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