H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T

A Hidden Pond-Anthology of Modern Haiku,
Kadokawa Shoten 1997

Translated by T Koko Kato and David Burleigh



The sea stretching out
as far as one can see -
the blue sky of May


Hoshino Tsubaki (1930~)





Three great rivers
dividing the green paddy fields
of the Mino plain


Matsui Toshihiko (1927~)





Into an hear so huge
that we call it a lake
comes the cuckoo's cry


Takaha Shugyo (1930~)





The shades of darkness
become richer and deeper -
fireflies in a cage


Kato Minako (1925~)





Clouds so long ago,
and in order to recall them -
a summer hat


Omaki Hiroshi (1931~)





You human beings,
clothes all wrinkled at the back
from perspiration


Hayashi Sho (1914~)





Under a blazing sky
a snail in the distance -
the sail in my heart


Yamaguchi Seishi (1901~1994)





Getting back
not having been touched by
the scorching sun


Kamikura Utsuwa (1929~)





Mother in pale light,
wife in deep shadow -
the dogdays of summer past


Hasegawa Sogyo (1897~1988)





Serenity that
reaches right down the backbone -
a midsummer day


Mori Sumio (1919~)





In India


Being only a drop
between heaven and earth,
utterly naked


Usaki Fuyuo (1931~)





Just like a blast
of cooling air
a man comes


Iida Ryuta (1920~)





Sitting quietly
in the summer cool, waiting
for words to come


Hirose Naoto (1929~)





Only the window panes
of an elementary school
in the evening glow


Kato Shuson (1905~1993)





A spoon
at the bottom of the fountain -
summer has gone


Iijima Haruko (1921~)





"Finally the end of summer"
written down bad-temperedly
and then to bed


Imoto Noichi (1913~)

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