H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Haiku Spirit Issue #11 



Inishboffin Abù

Glabhàn ~ hill garden
carved from the rock with effort
delicious sweet tea

Astute islanders
gather the summer harvest
winter solitude

two hundred locals
share their pubs with us, knowing
we don't understand

On rocky green hills
some old houses stand forlorn
forgotten stories

Philip Keogh

cat from the street
shares with an old lady
the milk that's left

two wrinkled hands
to say goodbye

Gilles Fabre

Summer day
far out to sea
rain falling

Joe McFadden

Summer evening's silence
on the fireplace
one rose petal has fallen

Midsummer's day ~
two men
cut a dead street tree

Summer evening debate ~
the grandfather
has not lit his pipe yet

Pub's round toilet window
just big enough ~
the summer full moon

Gilles Fabre

Jet setting monk
laptop and begging bowl
the air hostess bows

Ken Jones (Spring 1997, Kyoto and Kamakura)

friends come and go
four teabags in the sink
the fading light

Jim Norton

a perfect bookmark
if it were longer
this grey hair of mine

Gilles Fabre

Hurry we're late!
Sucking dew from a rose
this particular snail

Jim Norton

the afternoon darkens:
the boy's hand
puts his father in check

Gilles Fabre

-by itself, in darkness
a garlic clove sprouts

Jim Norton

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