H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Haiku Spirit Issue #15 




the clapperless wake-up bell


Ken Jones




Arriving -
from the darkness
the sound of crickets.


Sean O'Connor







Endless is my vow
under the azure sky
boundless autumn



Out in the blizzard
a monk sits
life and death matter



Vast solitude
my thinning body
transparents autumn


Soen Roshi (1907-1984)




From high barred windows
mad friends peek out
chilly night



Going West


Across the interior.
Cows kneedeep in buttercups
quiet my fears



Fleetingly, a hare.
First smile of the day.



Dark hills,
and on them patches.
I have gone too far



Last light:
lambs cry from hill to hill,
the hermit's lamp burns on


Jim Norton




Fitting me
better than I expected -
my mother's swimsuit


Maeve O'Sullivan




Park's summer shower ~
I happen to be
under the oldest tree



Front door, just closed ~
how long are these two butterflies
to be apart?



In the old iron pot
morning tea
warmed up again by midday sun


Gilles Fabre

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