H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Haiku Spirit Issue #19 

MARCH 2000



On leafless branches
tiny white flowers
name unknown

Jim Norton

4 a.m.
a neighbour I have never seen ~
watching the eclipse

Sean O'Connor

In a field I knew
my son digs
for fossils

LeRoy Gorman

Midnight passes
quietly, not embracing,
we stand together

Maeve O'Sullivan

Night of endless rain ~
how refreshing the sound
of the zazen bell

Morning service ~
the snow on my zafu
was it a dream?

Afternoon zazen ~
rain on the rooftops, in one ear
and out the other!

Bill Wyatt

A stiff breeze ~
magpies' tails
blown sideways

Helen Robinson

Unsold at dusk
morning-picked corn's
deeper yellow

LeRoy Gorman

Through the legs
Of the attendant, locking the gate
A cat enters the park

Basket's last apple ~
You may be wrinkled and off
But I'll eat you

Gilles Fabre

Along the highway
the end of the afternoon
shadows colliding

Sam yada Cannarozzi

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