H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Stone Circles

ah, will our roses
ever bloom together
till we're in our grave?





old couple arm in arm
           visiting the crematorium
                          to see what it'll be like





Wedding Anniversary Disaster


(A Haiku Sequence)



the Apricot Suite
looks out over the water meadows
to a town that keeps its distance




beyond the haha
a pheasant struts
among the lambs




four lounges where solitary couples
defend their privacy
with tea and carrot cake




still playing with words
an old couple linked
by a lifetime of scrabble






opening the door
on early morning rain
closing it again





is it the same swallows
          back from Africa
                    to our old cowshed?





   new rhubarb stalks
forcing their way up
     through the bottomless bucket





after the low flying jet
                          a deafening silence





       my neighbour and I
leaning on a field gate
    viwing different worlds





Summer Vacations




misty lochside
the same old midges
waiting by the gate




even the stone stumps
of the deserted vilage
warm in the June sun




a single sail
ferryman crossing the sound -
the coffin lashed down





Zen in the Olp People's Home




arthritic fingers
knit one, purl one, knit three together
this eternal scarf




who are they
the people who keep coming
and think they know me?









Cardigan Bay
over the leaden waves
only a stump of rainbow





Valley Party
all our children grown too old
for Santa





autumns rain
the dried-up spring
by the holiday cottage
flowing again





         breaking news -
    new gas-powered land rover
our proud neighbour





winter power cut
   I look at your face
     softened by candlelight





New Year house cleaning
hoovering up
dead butterflies



Note on Stone Circles

Noragh Jones is from the North of Ireland, and worked as a librarian in Belfast and Trinity College Dublin, before leaving Ireland.

She now lives in mid Wales, in an old farmhouse between wood and water, with her husband Ken Jones.

Stone Circles, a book of haiku and haiku prose, explores connections between early Celtic nature poetry and the Japanese haiku tradition.

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