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an international journal to share the spirit of haiku


The objective of seashores is to share haiku from all over the world and explore how the way and the spirit of haiku, with its power to connect us to nature and our world can play a role in poetry and our lives in general.


November 2021


Contents of Volume 7




A bit of food for thought (1)

Selected haiku and senryu

Meet… Jim Norton

Essays and Articles

My Lockdown Diary    Edward Gilligan

Writing Haiku: my experience as an Indian poet     R K Singh

          David Burleigh

What’s in a haiku?     Gilles Fabre

A bit of food for thought (2)

Selected haiku and senryu

The sources of haiku

Season-words and Environment     Alain Kervern

   The Kodansha Saijiki:

          New Year’s Major Themes

          A Few New Year’s Season-Words

A bit of food for thought (3)

Selected haiku and senryu

On the bookshelves




Names of contributors and first lines of haiku selected:


Adjei Agyei-Baah

harmattan fires


Ramesh Anand

candlelight chess



Cynthia Anderson

watering at dusk

the opal glow


Marilyn Ashbaugh

not yet

the lies


Joanna Ashwell

dairy herd

a kaleidoscope


Blessmond Alebna Ayinbire

whispering wind


Michael Baeyens

forest fog



Amanda Bell

sudden chill –

behind red tulips

a walk to clear my head –


Ingrid Baluchi

evening chill


Brad Bennett

storm clouds

late summer clouds


Robert Beveridge

distilled water


Tom Bierovic

taking turns



Daniel Birnbaum



Adrian Bouter

the weathered bench

unanswered call


Justin Brown

running late

alligator sighting


Kevin Browne

afternoon heat


Robyn Cairns

against a backdrop

resting place


Mariangela Canzi

summer moonlight

an old couple


Erin Castaldi

shadow people



Christina Chin

summer break


Jackie Chou

the placid air

first raspberries


Eileen Connolly



Vera Constantineau

melon slices


Maya Daneva

it knows nothing


Sylviane Donnio

grand froid


Carlos Manuel Eusoya

Three sweet persimmons


Gilles Fabre

seconds old -

yes, butterfly,


Marisa Fazio

your hand in mine

the world

silk cravat


Bruce H. Feingold

getting older

never returning


P. H. Fischer

gibbous moon

starry night


Michael Flanagan

left to its self  


Anton Floyd


sudden rain


Jim Force

all the lies


Jenny Fraser




Jay Friedenberg

evening cool

summer dreams


Ben Gaa

diagnosis day —

so quick to change


William Scott Galasso

a tall pitcher


David Gale

winter rain

brimming river


Michael Galko

an empty slot


Mike Gallagher

cigarette smoke

ebb tide


Marianne Gambaro

late autumn rain


Mark Gilfillan

prison yard


John Gonzalez



Paul Benedict Grant

first Christmas


Sherry Grant

sea shore


Eufemia Griffo

basil blossoms

summer stars


Elisabeth Guichard

Enamel sink


Mary Gunn

the first day

sultry night --


John Hawkhead

soft morning


Florence Heyhoe

that soft neck—


Jeff Hoagland


my mind


Nick Hoffman

passing the minutes

honeysuckle in bloom



Louise Hopewell

the curled tip

wishes whorl


Gary Hotham

after the news


Louisa Howerow

his bulldog slobbers

soundless clarity

privée des étoiles / starless night


Vladislav Hristov



Andrew Hubball

aged skin

just beyond


Marilyn Humbert


at the tideline


Mona Iordan

whistling train 


Dejan Ivanovic

Grandma's cupboard


Lynne Jambor

funeral wreath


Anne-Marie Joubert-Gaillard

au creux du vallon


Mick Joyce

evening mist


Jim Kacian


each drop


Mayumi Kawaharada

Spring darkness-


Kazumi Karaki



Gerald Kells

wind snagged -


David J Kelly

birch catkins —


Noel King

Storm Ciara --



tap tap

winter solstice


Nicholas Klacsanzky

wedding . . .



Nina Kovačić

šumsko raskrižje                  


Deborah P Kolodji

surfside ride


Nadejda Kostadinova

always quiet


Samo Kreutz

autumn downpour


James Krotzman

blood thinner


Kelli Lage

I trace my


Des Lalor

april swim


Hervé Le Gall

randonnée -


Ryland Shengzhi Li

autumn dusk



Kristen Lindquist

late winter

winter light


Chen-ou Liu

cicada chorus

an unknown flower


Earl Livings

all that matters...

morning echo—


Anthony Lusardi

her first birthday—


paul m.

final church bell …

reed stubble …

also in


John Martone

Semi letterato / Semi-literate

how many it takes —


Gerry Mc Donnell

one light


Marietta McGregor

diving petrels—

showers forecast—


Palma McKeown

ripples on water


Rob McKinnon

passing the church…


Kokuu Andy McLellan

mountain cloud

morning zazen


Ursula Maierl

Online singing


Richard L. Matta

afternoon trail

a lone wren


Mark Miller

losing its name

a toddler’s sandal

low winter sky over the shore the croak of a white egret


Bedi Mona



Leanne Mumford

thump of a newspaper

full of holes


Bernadette Riada

leafy birch

upturned stone


Pravat Kumar Padhy

fruit bats

winter night--


Dejan Pavlinović

toliko ljudi


Alan Peat

summer’s end / la fin de l'été —


the breeze...


Keith Polette

what’s left

desert road


Meera Rehm

a closed hibiscus


Sébastien Revon

fauteuil roulant / wheelchair

cérémonie du thé / tea ceremony


Bryan Rickert


resting on me


Srinivas S

muezzin's call…


Marianne Sahlin

learning kanji

cool spring


Bona M. Santos

first light

morning chill


Agnes Eva Savich

a cathedral

pandemic spring


Dan Schwerin

midday office

I stay


Ron Scully

lastly the rain


Joe Sebastian

twilight . . .


Richa Sharma




Tomislav Sjekloća

half-full moon


Joshua St. Claire

finding a grey hair


Manoj Sharma

Valentine's Day ---


Neena Singh

his last letter—

paddy field—


Barbara Strang

at my feet


Debbie Strange

I wonder

cracked headstone


Zlatka Timenova-Valtcheva

Vieille photo / old photo



The rainbow pillar

Under the old pine

The pace of life --


David Watts

lone cypress       

fox in her den


Michael Dylan Welch

blossom sun


uncurling frond


Kelley J. White

tossing out


Mary White

soft thread –

soft breeze


Elaine Wilburt

half a butterfly

summer solstice


Jane Williams

forecast rain


Kath Abela Wilson



Robert Witmer




Hassane Zemmouri

summer holidays / vacances d'été-



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